Sanding And Polishing :

Sanding your timber floors removes any existing polish that is on the floor. A light sand can be used when you are wanting to freshen up your floors. This will remove surface scratches to then reapply a coating. This is when minor maintenance is required.

A full sand will remove any polish layers to expose the bare timber removing any surface scratches. Deep gouges in the timber and some water damage may not be able to be removed completely. This will be discussed with the client prior to starting the job to advise their options
We ensure we use top quality machinery to remove this and prepare the timber for the coating application. All flooring machines are equipped with dust minimization tools to ensure the area is free from dust.

Floor Coatings :

The coating choice you make will be the highlight of your floor. With many different products available on the market there are many options to choose. The coating options range from oils, to solvent-based polyurethane and water base polyurethanes.
Choosing what is right for you will depend of a variety of considerations. This includes the maintenance you are after, the look as well as the budget.
Coatings can range from extra matte to gloss finishes. Please discuss any questions and we will be happy to help you and provide information on products to help with your decision.

Decks And Verandas :

We provide services for both new and old decks. Old and worn out decks can be brought back to their natural beauty with a sand and application of oil coating. We recommend the use of Cutek Extreme oil build to withstand extreme weather conditions to provide a longer lasting finish that does not flake or peel from wear and resists water from the inside out. Cutek Extreme comes as a clear oil that fades in the sun to a natural silver patina. If you after something a little different there is 10 Cutek colour tones available and can be used to provide a different colour appearance.

Did you have something different in mind please get in touch and we can discuss your options

Staircases :

When sanding and coating stairs there is a national construction code that states the requirements of step treads to be slip resistant. We ensure we apply the correct slip resistant coating with low sheen levels. A slip resistant certificate will be provided to you.

Staining and liming :

Does the current colour of your floors not match the room appeal you are after? Staining and liming your floors offers this solution. With a large range of stain colours available to choose from this service will allow you to transform your current floors to a new colour. Speak to us today about our colour chart. We can provide our clients with colour samples to see real life options to assist in making the decision a little easier.

Carpet Removal :

If you are transforming your space and find your carpet needs to be removed to expose your timber floors underneath, we can help. This can be discussed at your free site measure and quote